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Whether graduating from high school or updating skills in the workplace, college offers one of the best ways to further your education and establish future connections.  Faced with the daunting task of choosing a college or university, it is important to determine your field of interest.  This will help you to narrow your focus to the schools that specialize in your chosen field.

Another factor to consider is location and living arrangements.  Will you be attending full-time or part-time?  If you will attend on a part-time basis, then the school must be located within reasonable commuting distance.  Full-time attendance offers the choice of a commute from home or living on campus.  Living on campus brings up another question.  Is proximity to home for weekend visits or a location farther away of more importance?  An increasingly popular way of attending class and even earning a degree is through online courses.  Many colleges now recognize the benefits of making classes available to their students who can "attend" a course online anytime from anywhere.

Additionally, financial aid is of great consideration and can make or break your college choice.  There are several different forms of financial aid.  Scholarships and grants may be awarded to students with academic, artistic, or athletic strengths.  They may also be awarded to those in under-represented groups or those in financial need and do not need to be repaid.  Educational loans do need to be repaid and there are several categories.  Student loans, parent loans, and home equity loans are possible sources of funding for college tuition and expenses.  Additionally, you must decide how much you are willing to spend on your education.  The cost of an education at a private university may be ten times the price of attending a public state university.  However, class sizes may be smaller and instruction more individualized, and you may receive grants to cover the higher cost.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a college or university, but with the proper research and groundwork, you can further your education through a college program that is right for you.

College Computers Preparing for and financing a college education, as well as selecting an institution of higher learning, can be daunting tasks to most high school students and their parents.  On, we have assembled some of the best higher education resources available to assist families in the exciting (but often financially painful) process of transitioning young adults from high school to college.  You will also find a convenient higher education directory that lists specialized grad schools as well as undergrad schools in each state.

Colleges and Universities - By State

Test Preparation and Financial Aid

  • Peterson's
    Visit Peterson's for college and graduate school planning information.  Their website features test preparation services as well as financial aid and career guidance resources.
  • Sallie Mae
    Leading provider of education loans, including Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) student loans.
  • Nellie Mae
    Offers low cost student loans for graduate and professional students, undergraduates, and parents.
  • FAFSA on the Web – US Department of Education
    Free application for federal student aid, from the United States Department of Education.

College and University Rankings and Reviews

  • Education: America's Best Colleges
    College rankings, detailed school directory, interactive tools, college admissions guide, articles, and more!
  • College on The Princeton Review
    Find good match schools, college majors, and top ranked schools.  Prepare for college entrance exams, apply to colleges online, and learn how to navigate the financial aid process.
  • Yahoo College Search
    Search for colleges and universities by name, location, or program type.

Educator Resource

  • Peterson's Educators Portal
    This comprehensive and heavily traveled education site features an educators center, with college and career planning, college admission, and academic enrichment information.

Leading Educational Institutions

  • Major Colleges and Universities
    Here you will find a list of well-known institutions of higher learning for English-speaking students, both in the USA and elsewhere.  In developing this list, we have considered several factors including college rankings and website content.

Colleges and Universities in Other Jurisdictions

Leading Specialized Schools

Scholarships, Loans and Financial Aid

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