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Kids Computer Are you a social person who loves instructing others?  If so, then getting a degree in education might be just the thing for you.  Whether you want to teach elementary school or secondary school, there is an education school that has a program that is right for you.

A school that specializes in elementary education prepares individuals to teach elementary school, usually kindergarten through grade 8.  People who study elementary education often choose majors such as art education, bilingual education, math education, music education, reading, or science education.

Much of the coursework for elementary education focuses on learning how young people develop both physically and mentally, as well as how to teach and manage a group of children in this age range.  Generally, elementary school teachers specialize in a particular subject, like reading or math, though some specialize in a more general background.  There are always plenty of job openings for elementary teachers, and the average salary is about $44,000.

Those who want to teach children of older ages may choose to attend a school that specializes in degrees in secondary education.  These schools prepare teachers to teach in grades seven through 12, and may include preparation to teach either a specific subject matter or a more comprehensive curriculum.  Majors include art education, bilingual education, language education, math education, music education, remedial and developmental reading, science education, and social studies education.

While a bachelor's degree in secondary education is enough to secure an entry-level position, those looking for the best pay and job security will often choose to get their master's degree.  There are slightly more jobs available in secondary education than there are in elementary education, and the pay is slightly better, on average about $46,000.

To find more information about teacher education and career paths, visit the websites of the Education Schools and Teachers Colleges listed below.

Featured Teaching Colleges

More Teaching Colleges

  • Harvard Graduate School of Education
    HGSE, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is marked by a diversity of educational practices and innovative approaches to learning.  The Ed School attracts a student body of talented researchers and practitioners with a wide range of backgrounds, united by their common desire to improve the world of education.
  • UC Berkeley - Graduate School of Education
    Located in Berkeley, California, the Graduate School of Education strives to engage in quality research and development at the forefront of educational inquiry and innovation, and to use the knowledge gained in research to provide leadership, training, and service opportunities for persons involved in the field of education.
  • IU Bloomington - School of Education
    Welcome to the School of Education, Indiana University Bloomington.  The School strives to prepare professional educators, create and share knowledge about education, and work with schools and their communities to help improve education.
  • Michigan State University College of Education
    The College of Education at Michigan State University, located in East Lansing, Michigan, has a mission of leadership, scholarship, and service in education. The College prepares professionals for leadership roles in education, seeks to understand, reform and improve education, and examines issues of education across the lifespan.
  • Northwestern University School of Education
    The School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University is located in Evanston, Illinois.  SESP became a separate School of Education in 1926 after starting as a department in the College of Liberal Arts.
  • NYU - Steinhardt School of Education
    New York University's Steinhardt School of Education, located in New York City, provides undergraduate and graduate study in education, health, nursing, communication, and the arts professions.
  • OSU College of Education and Human Ecology
    The College of Education at Ohio State University, located in Columbus, Ohio, was established in 1907 to engage in research and prepare education professionals.
  • Peabody College of Vanderbilt University
    Peabody College, Vanderbilt University's college of education and human development, seeks to advance human well-being by fostering greater learning, and is located in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Penn GSE
    The University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education is located in Philadelphia.  The School's degree programs offer a range of professional preparation options for educators.
  • Stanford University School of Education
    At SUSE, the Stanford University School of Education in Stanford, California internationally distinguished scholars examine fundamental and practical education issues in homes and the community as well as in schools.
  • Teachers College at Columbia University
    Founded in 1887 and located in New York City, Columbia University's Teachers College is one of the leading education schools in the country.
    The Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA is located in Los Angeles, California and strives to understand and improve educational practice, information policy, and information systems in a diverse society.
  • University of Iowa - College of Education
    The University of Iowa College of Education, located in Iowa City, seeks to provide Iowa, the nation, and the world with thoroughly informed scholarship and creative endeavors dedicated to the enrichment of education as both a profession and as a broad field of inquiry.
  • University of Maryland - College of Education
    The College of Education, University of Maryland, located at College Park is a highly-ranked college that offers undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees.
  • University of Michigan School of Education
    University of Michigan's School of Education, located in Ann Arbor, is committed to a mission focused on research, teaching, professional service and diversity.
  • University of Minnesota - College of Education
    Founded in 1905 as the Department of Pedagogy, the College of Education and Human Development is located in Minneapolis and is a highly-ranked professional school of education.
  • University of Oregon - College of Education
    The College of Education at the University of Oregon is a network of inclusive learning communities located in Eugene, Oregon.
  • UW Madison - The Graduate School
    The Graduate School at the University of Wisconsin-Madison strives to foster excellence in research and graduate education.  The School offers a wide selection of supporting course work and interdisciplinary opportunities.

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